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    Images in qvw file slow down the file

    davy michiels

      Hi everybody,


      I have a qlikview qvw file of about 150Mb with a lot of images (mostly in text boxes and also sheet backgrounds).

      Most of them are used as action buttons. I have added them all plain simple, so not in the script and without paths to the server so the images are stored as bmp inside the file right?


      The qlikview file is not so big but response time is not enough to my opinion (through acces point).

      When on internet explorer 11 with ajax, the response is unacceptable slow. On some sheets you can see these images appear one by one and only after about 30 sec they are all there.


      All images were added as jpg or png with small sizes. (Total images only about 5Mb)

      Qlikview version 11.20.12235.0 SR5 64bit. Server 30Gb.


      Is it the images effecting the speed?

      nested functions have been removed, all charts are with calculation and show/hide conditions, no multple layer variables, and so on