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    How to use qlikview functions on SAP Bex Query



      In qlikview, we have the LOAD syntax and SELECT syntax to fetch data from our datasource in Non-SAP environment.


      Currently i'm connected to SAP bex query in qlikview and failed to apply qlikview functions like (YEAR(), MONTHY()) on my bex dimensions. My script are as follows:



      year([20CALDAY]) as [year dim],               //dimension columns

      month([20CALDAY]) as [month dim],

      [00O2TNO3P2EU3ZS6XG1FKXRS7].[00O2Tdffd3ZS6XG1FKYAQV]    as [measure 1]      //measures columns




      Select PseudoMDX D (

      Dimensions (


        [0CALDAY] ([20CALDAY])), 

      Measures (



      From (table));



      Please let me know how can i use qlikview functions on sap dimensions and measures in the LOAD syntax, thanks.