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    Visual cues in table using set analysis

    Jason Michaelides

      Hi all,

      This feels really simple so I'm not sure at all why it's not working for me!

      I have 3 main tables:

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      As you can see, CostCentre is the linking field. I have created a simple straight table chart showing the spend this period against last period for each Company (Tree table):

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      Expression for Spend this period is


      Expression for Spend previous period is

      SUM( {$<Period = {$(#vPreviousPeriod)}>} Amount )

      The figures in the chart are accurate so the set analysis is working OK. All I want to do is have the value of this period in red if it is higher than last period and green if it's less than or equal to last period. Shouldn't be difficult! I have gone to Visual Cues, selected the correct expression and added the set analysis formula into the Upper and Lower boxes:

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      But all the values are green as you can see in the chart image above!

      Please help!!