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    Script Error in forming new table


        I am relatively new to QlikView and even DB queries.  I am having a problem that I get a script error that I do not understand.  Basically, I am trying to create a new table from a resident one using a "where" clause.  Here is the simplified script.


      // Start Script


      Load id,

      state_id as CRS_ID,

      state_date as State_TS;    //This is a timestamp and has multiple entries per id

      SQL SELECT *

      FROM mydb.`cr_state`;


      Left Join (State)

      Load state_id as CRS_ID,

      name as State_Name;            //This is a string that has an entry for each state_id

      SQL SELECT *

      FROM mydb.state;


      Drop Field CRS_ID From CR_State;


      //Everything is fine to this point.  The table "State" looks good

      //Now I want to create a new table with only the latest state based on the "latest" timestamp on each record



      load id,

      State_Name as Latest_State

      State_TS as Latest_TS

      resident State where State_TS = max(Latest_TS);


      // End Script


      I get an error in the log "General Script Error".

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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          Oscar Ortiz


          The problem is with your Max(Latest_TS).


          I'm assuming you wan to the Max value of your State Timestamp.


          You'll want to crete a variable that stores the max value and use that variable in your where clause.



          Max(State_TS) as Max_TS
          RESIDENT State;
          LET vMax_TS = peek('Max_TS');
          DROP Table tmp;


          Where State_TS = $(vMax_TS)


          Good luck


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              Thank you, but it does not seem to work.  Here I have attached a highly reduced qvw that shows the data.  I would like the second table to be a single entry of each id with the latest State_TS and the associated State_Name.

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                  Oscar Ortiz



                  Try this:




                    Max( State_TS ) As MaxTS

                  resident State;



                  Let vMaxTS = peek('MaxTS');






                    State_Name as Latest_State,

                    State_TS as Latest_TS

                  resident State


                    Exists( MaxTS, State_TS )




                  DROP Table tmp;


                  There was an issue with the number being stored in the variable.  So I changed things up a bit.  Instead of comparing against the variable I used the where Exists.


                  Give it a try and let me know if you have more issues.


                  Good Luck


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                    Peter Rieper

                    You may reload the table with a new sorting-order: key and date descending. Then each record, where the key is different from the previous one, is the first one with a new key - sorting by date DESC it has to be always the latest one.






                    IF(Key <> PEEK(Key, -1), 'I am the last')     AS Indicator



                    ORDER BY


                    Date DESC;

                    DROP TABLE MyTable;



                    NOCONCATENATE LOAD * RESIDENT TableSorted WHERE Indicator = 'I am the last';

                    DROP TABLE TableSorted;


                    HTH Peter

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                  Vivek Niti



                  Try this code.



                  LOAD *,

                    Timestamp#(Latest_TS,'DD-MM-YYYY hh:mm') AS Latest_TS1;

                  LOAD * INLINE [ 

                      cr_id, Latest_State, Latest_TS

                      40000, In-Progress, 14-11-2014 14:16

                      40001, Open, 28-10-2014 19:28

                      40002, In-Progress, 13-11-2014 19:39

                      40006, In-Progress, 03-11-2014 22:31

                      40007, Closed, 31-10-2014 9:15

                      40008, Open, 29-10-2014 2:05

                      40009, Open, 29-10-2014 3:07

                      40010, In-Progress, 14-11-2014 14:17

                      40011, Closed, 31-10-2014 9:14

                      40012, Analysis, 18-11-2014 11:07

                      40013, In-Progress, 14-11-2014 14:18

                      40014, In-Progress, 13-11-2014 14:33

                      40014, Analysis, 13-11-2014 15:33

                      40014, Close5, 13-11-2014 16:33

                      40015, Closed, 29-10-2014 16:22







                    Timestamp(Max(Latest_TS1),'DD-MM-YYYY hh:mm') AS Max_Latest_TS

                  RESIDENT tab1

                  GROUP BY cr_id;



                  INNER JOIN(tab1)

                  LOAD cr_id,

                    Max_Latest_TS AS Latest_TS1

                  RESIDENT tab2;

                  DROP TABLE tab2;


                  Note: Have added 2 records to create multiple states:

                       40014, Analysis, 13-11-2014 15:33

                       40014, Close5, 13-11-2014 16:33




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                    Massimo Grossi

                    you can use peek to understand when the id change and order by to decide which id you want to keep (max or min state) 



                    NoConcatenate Load


                    State_Name as max_State_Name,

                    State_TS as max_State_TS

                    Resident State

                    where Peek(id) <> id

                    order by id, State_TS desc