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    date sorting not working as expected

    René Valencourt

      I have a log-in activity file, consisting of a date field (in standard 'ccyy-mm-dd' date format), a user id, and a user employer id.


      I have a bar graph with log-in date defined as the dimension on the x-axis (each instance of date found showing at the bottom), and user_id count as the measure on the y-axis.


      I have sorting turned off for the count, as that sequences the dates by value of count for the date (ascending or descending).


      Turning sort on for date sorts dates seems to start with normal date sequence, but if the November 30 has the same number of logins as November 3, then it pulls November 30 next to November 3, out of sequence.  Etc.


      I have another chart of the same information without the problem, so I'm wondering if the type of chart may control this; e.g. perhaps one is a bar chart and the other started as a combo chart...?


      That appears to be it; if I create a combo chart, and display the measure as bars, the dates are sequenced on the x-axis in date sequence.  So the question is, "is that intentional?".