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    Sub total in a Pivot table

      Can anyone kindly help me with a QV calculation I am having problem with,

      in the attached sample I would like to have the values seen in Column 1,2, & 3 in Column 4

      (total value of column 4 (Calc 2) will then be $5,700)


      Adding the column headers will not be an option

      (please note: In the back end (script) it is a combination of two join tables)


      thanks in advance


      Column 1 = Sum of Amount1

      Column2 = Sum of Amount2

      Column3  (only where SubCategory = Header11) =  Sum
      of Amount1   (less)    Sum of Amount2 (only Header6
      & Header7 values)

      Column4 = Want to align all of the above values in one
      single column