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    How do i implement Drillacross in Qlikview?

      Hello Qlikview Experts,


      We have a business requirement where we need to display details from the relational database.


      In our present QV Data Model, we pull in details from the DW.


      Now we need to also show details from the relational DB, for example if we have a Product Table i want to be able to see the details of the product like Name, Description and all other basic info which otherwise makes no sense to have them in DW.


      Is there a way to achieve this in Qlikview?


      Option 1 : Call in a url which calls a external Java application which pulls in details from the DB.

                    How ? Have a button which calls the URL and displays the details in a pop-up on QV Sheet.


      Are these any other option and please throw some light on the option1 as well if that is ideal.