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    Subtotal in Pivotable Chart



      I want to count daily delivery status, how many customer being delivered daily and sum it by the end of the month.

      sample data attached.


      I am using 2 expression :

      Table 1 : using count distinct ==> but I got the total also being distinct

      Table 2 : using sum aggr ==> but I got the wrong number of outlet being delivered at 1/1/2014, it should be 2 customer


      I want to have table result like table 1 but the total like table 2.


      any suggestion?




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          my guess is the second expression having result  '1' instead of '2' in branch 1 and date 1/1/2014 because there are 2 different status in single customer (because one of the order result is failed and the other one result is delivered).


          how to resolve that situation, so branch 1  result should be '2' and the total should be :

          Branch 1 : 4

          Branch 2 : 3


          please help me..