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    Date problem/bug

    Filip Larsson

      Hi everyone,


      I have now experienced a problem with dates that I have never seen before... I get different date values in the load of my fact table, even though I use the Date() function, and it's the same source. It's also the same date format in this source, and there are only a few transactions that gets "another" date. I can point out that fact when selecting two different values (of the same date in my current selections:



      Here is my code:



          RecNo() As Recno,

          Date(MyDate, 'YYYY-MM-DD') As Bokföringsdatum,

          ... more fields ...

      FROM MySource.qvd (qvd);




          Date(ISODate, 'YYYY-MM-DD') As Bokföringsdatum,

          Year(ISODate) As MyYear,

          Month(ISODate) As MyMonth

      FROM MyCalendar.qvd (qvd);



      Of course I want only one value of my date 2014-01-31... As it is now, only one of these values matches to my Calendar table, and the transactions with the "wrong" date format, doesn't get Year or Month values...



      I hope you can understand my problem, and hopes of any solution to this.

      Best regards,