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    Error - Max usage reached

    François Cavé

      Hi Community,


      What is the meaning of this error message :

      "Failed to allocate new QlikView Engine. Retrying! Max usage reached. Current usage count=8 of 8 (of type non-reader)" ?


      My 8 processor slots are full in use ?

      My QMC settings limits the number of reloads at 8 together ?


      Thanks for your answers !



        • Re: Error - Max usage reached
          Tom Tom



          take a look at your QMC: System -> Setup -> Distribution Services -> QDS@xxx Server -> Advanced.


          The 'Max number of simultaneous QlikView engines for distribution' will limit your number of process spawns.

          I'm not sure how many processes are possible, but in the past it was limited to some internal Windows settings (AFAIR COM+ related).

          Usually you can set the number to the amount of CPU cores you've got.