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    P Function not aggregating as i'd like it to...

    Richard Fenner

      Hi there,


      This query has been irritating me for a couple of days now. Help would be much appreciated.


      I am trying to get a market share calculation right. I have simplified my problem and put it into a QVW demo file.


      In this file you will see that there are 2 stores with 2 separate promotions for a supplier. All i would like to do (as seen in the top straight table) is calculate the Promotional Product vs Total Market.


      NOTE: the total market is the total category i.e. a=forks, b=knives.........


      In the 'Marketshare Analysis' chart the [Copper Focus Brand Sales] is correct .

      The 'Complete Basket Sales' is wrong. Which makes the rest of the chart incorrect.


      The way in which i get a correct Complete Basket is by making the following selection within the model (from cleared state):

      1. select a store,

      2. select promotionalflag = yes,

      3. select supplier = coppercorp,

      4. select possible Categories,

      5. deselect PromotionalFlag and Supplier.


      This will give you the directly competing market for the promotional items.


      I hope this is clear to you, it is quite difficult to explain but in my chart - Complete Basket Sales should balance to the above selection criteria but i think the P function is selecting a wider range.


      What i need to do is somehow aggregate my P function by store...


      Any Suggestions?


      Thanks in advance.