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    Pivot Table and Variable in Set Analysis

    Anatoly Pyatygo

      Hello, guys.

      I have some problems with my pivot table. I hope you can help me... :)

      If you look at my qvw example you will see, that I want to calculate EANs, which should have ROS >= Median of ROS. (see in first expression of my pivot):

      count({<[ROS]={">= $(vROSMedian)"}>} [EAN]),

      where vROSMedian =Round(MEDIAN({<[Manufacturer] =}>}[ROS]))

      Problem is in the variable vROSMedian. this variable calculate by current selections, but not by pivot dimensions (as I want).

      ROSMedian should calculate by Time and by Sales Channel and if you will see in second expression, you will see the correct value of ROSMedian.

      but now if you look at the header of first expression, you will see, that vROSMedian = 751 for all lines. It's not correcterror loading image.


      so count of EANs isn't correct also :(

      But If I select one Time and one Sales Channel - I will get correct numbers in first expressionerror loading image:


      How I can resolve my problem? I want get correct numbers without selections in [Time] and [Sales Channel] fields.

      I will be glad to hear any ideas, thanks