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    Rolling 4 week average in mini chart

    Punit Popli

      Hi All , gwassenaar

      I am having a requirement to display mini chart in Straight table along with other columns in the same table.

      We have data based on week ending date and based on this we have to show 4 week data average in mini chart.


      For eg : What ever is the maximum week ending date based on that the group should happen for average of 4 weeks  In the screen shot below you can see the highlighted date to get the average of above 4 weeks and that particular date should get displayed in mini chart.

      If I have 52 weeks for the current year and based on this the average will be from last 4 weeks and so on and only 13 dates should get displayed.

      Our requirement is similar the way it is present in the screen shot below :


      Please let me know if you have any questions on this. I have added the spreadsheet with dummy data,

      Does anyone had implemented the mini chart in the same way or can anyone help me on this?


      Thanks in advance