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    Set analysis with variable not working

    Abra Kadabra



      In the document attached i'm trying to calculate warehouse turnover. I have multiple reminders in table [Likuciai] - one for each quarter.

      Also i have stock movement in table [atsargos] (not used yet, just mentioned for the big picture).

      User can select multiple quarters, qlikview should caculate remainder at the start of selected interval (not include other selected quarters).

      I definied variable vMinQ as min([Metai ketvirtis]). [Metai ketvirtis] stands for the combination of Year + quarter.

      Then i wrote set analysis expresion for remainder calculation: Sum( {$<[Metai ketvirtis]={$(=vMinQ)}>} [Likutis.Suma]).

      Result = empty set.


      Could anyone help me with that?

      Thank you.