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    multi-node update

    Alexander Korsikov

      What is the procedure for upgrading from a server in a multi node Qlik system?

      Every time I have to do so. Updating version to the central node.

      After updated on the secondary nodes. All breaks. Have to uninstall the program in secondary nodes, delete certificates. In this case, remove the nodes in the QMC  of the central node. After a clean install, the new nodes connected through QMC again.

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          I couldn't create a multinode environment in my test system. How did you install the secondary node ? If i can setup it correctly i can test how to upgrade it.

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              Alexander Korsikov

              it's very simple.

              First, install Central node. this is as standalone Qlik Sense server.

              on another host install second node but in instalation uncheck "Central node" option

              in both cases i use domain user with admin rigths in selected hosts as a user of Qlik services/

              In Central node open QMC  go to Node  press "Create New"

              Fill in all fields. Next, specify the link that I need to open on Second node and key is to be entered here.

              it'a all