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    Values on data points not displaying on stacked bar

    stuart wannop

      Hi Everyone


      This may be a bug I don't know but thought I'd post here in case someone had the answer. I have a stacked bar chart with 3 expressions and I want to display the total values using the "Values on Data Points" check box. This sounds easy and it works fine if I am only using two expressions but the minute I add the third the data values on the bar charts disappear completely! (by this I mean the values not the bars)


      **EDIT: I actually have two other expressions which are displayed as lines on the chart as well (It's a Combo chart) - removing one of these lines makes it magically re-appear!


      So far I have tried:

           First thing I did was update the client to 11.2 SR9 in case of a bug.

           I tried removing the expressions and adding them in again 1 by 1. As soon as I got to the third expression the values disappeared.

           I tried different combinations of checking and un-checking in a different order - nothing.


      Can anybody offer any advice?