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    Using Fast Change in a Container Object

    Mike Czerwonky

      Hey Qlikview Guru's,


      I am using the latest version of QV11


      I am using a container object that has 6 tabs, each with a chart loaded.  Each of these charts has a fast change to a straight table.  When I am developing in the desktop app, I can use the fast change button and it changes to the table object and back just fine.


      When I publish to my server and use the web version, I experience a glitch:


      When I click the fast change button on the first chart on tab 1, the container forwards the active display to the chart on tab 2.  I have to click back on tab 1 to see the straight table.  This is a reproducible error.  I can make it fail on demand.  It works the same way if I click fast change on tab 2, it forwards me to tab 3's chart and I have to click back on tab 2 to see the straight table.


      Anyone else experiencing this and have a solution?  It is more of a nuisance than a bug.  Unfortunately my data is proprietary and I can't unload a QVW, but I am sure you could create this scenario quickly on your desktop