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    Set analysis at qlikview

      Hello everyone.

      I'm a new user of Qlikview as a debutant and I'm working on an application now.


      I want to use set analysis in restitution and I need help please.

      first of all if you have a manual of set analysis, it's  helpful to share it . 

      I don't know how to filter in the same expression on tow different axes using an < OR > operator.

      here is the example:

      ===================Using < AND > operator============

      sum({1 <[Code Etat]= {"Anciennes alertes"}, Exercice= {'2014'} >} Prime_annuelle)

      My question is how to work with the same elements using an OR operator.




      I have an other question please, in the same example, how to have the sum of (Prime_annuelle) while [Code Etat]= {"Anciennes alertes"}, and depending ONLY of the selection of Exercice. not depending on others axes selection. 


      I tried this:

      sum({$ <[Code Etat]= {"Anciennes alertes"}, Police= , Date= , Raison_soc= , Ville= , ...>} Prime_annuelle) , It works but I have to put all the 20 axes that I have, and it's no possible neither optimal.


      Please help me by responding on those questions.

      I'll be waiting for you.

      Thanks a lot.