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    Urgent : Specific timestamp in a month

    ben lim

      Hi all,


      I have an issue on this. Attached file contains the relevant fields, year, month, Berth_Code, ATB (Timestamp) and the TEU(value).


      Note that there are three berth (P03,P04,P05) in this small sample of data. I am only able to edit through expression table.

      On Aug 14 and before, I would like to group Berth Code = P03 and P04 into one Berth section call ‘P1’

      On Sep 14, there is a change of the criteria where I would like to group Berth Code = P04 and P05 up till 28 Sept 16:30 hours (3757 TEU) After that timing, it will revert back to P03 and P04 (336 TEU). Total for Sep : 3757 + 336 = 4093

      As for Oct, it will be the same as Aug 14 where it will be P03 and P04 into ‘P1’


      Note that I am only able to change it in expression.