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    Jobs are not working since SR9

    Konstantin Kozhin



      I've update the server side from SR7 to SR9 and jobs are not working in the correct way

      1. Sometimes triggers between jobs not fired.

      2. I can't run the job manually. I need to push "run" several times to start the job.


      the following error message I have in Event viewer:

      System.Exception: Access denied. ||    at SolutionGlobal.Logging.QTLog.GetTaskLogFileEntryList(String logPath, Int32 maxRecords) ||    at SolutionGlobal.Logging.QTLog.GetTaskLogFileEntries(String logPath, Int32 maxRecords)


      Could not start task; Task not found. TaskID=c43f5409-a2f7-4bad-9bcd-51c7b5dd3ca7