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      I have a line graphic.


      x as months

      y as number of sales


      i display the orders placed by the customers and the orders the customers sent back.


      is it possible that the user determines whether he wants to see just orders placed, or just orders sent back or both in the same graphic?


      How can i do this?

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          saurabh singh

          hi Ama,

          if i am understanding Correctly you want to create a graph with a single line either for 'orders placed' or for 'orders sent back ' if so you can create a container object and palce 2 graphs in it and the user can select the tabon the bottom of the container object to toggle between the two graphs.


          if you can provide more info regarding the data then i can provide more ideas to do so.





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            Peter Cammaert

            That can be done using a fairly recent option among the thousand chart properties. It's called "Conditional show" and it belongs to every expression you defined in the chart properties. Using this field, you can make every expression pop up provided one or more conditions are met.


            The trick is tho provide those suitable conditions. Now you may have to supply some additional hints. Let's assume that a user wants to select the preferred expression from a listbox. To create this listbox, add the following to your scripts:



            LOAD * INLINE [


            Orders Placed

            Orders Returned



            Reload and put a listbox on the chart sheet, displaying %GraphSelection. You can modify the layout into LED checkboxes for a nicer visual appearance if you like.


            Now add the following conditional show to the expression for Orders Placed (enable the checkbox):


            substringcount(GetFieldSelections([%GraphSelection], ',', 10), 'Orders Placed') > 0


            and add the following conditional show to the expression for Orders Returned:


            substringcount(GetFieldSelections([%GraphSelection], ',', 10), 'Orders Returned') > 0


            Save and go ahead: try it out.


            Good luck,