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    Write with Qlikview (not only to read)

    Daniel Farber

      Hi all


      In our company we want to use Qlikview not only to read data, do manipulations and present dashboards\reports\kpi's but also to use the manipulated data to write in ERP system as SAP \ SAP BW \ SalesForce.


      any idea how? with Jobs \ application \ extensions ? anything that's work...


      If you know any company that use the Qlikview for it, please send me a reference

      Thanks in advance



        • Re: Write with Qlikview (not only to read)

          qlikview have some extensions to make write back. But, isn't best solution, BI system perfectly make its primary function, but you lookin for others. Try to make ERP and qlikview Above it to analyse data.

          I think it's best way.

          Anyway you can try to write data using soap(web services) or com via macroses. Recently I used web viewer extension to forward ERP web input form to qlikview.