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    URL modification QlikView Web Server or IIS

    xG IT Support


      We are currently building out our QlikView Environment and was looking for assistance with a URL modification/addition (Using either IIS or Qlik Web Server)


      Currently when accessing AccessPoint the URL is:


      Login Page:


      Once logged in:


      When accessing a QlikView Document (.qvw)




      The question is, we wanted to know if it is possible to add a static page or directory that exists at the root of all these URLs: so for example if we wanted the word “QVS” to appear in the URL no matter what page gets accessed inside AccessPoint, would this be possible to add this somewhere? So ideally we are looking for something consistent like this:


      Login Page:


      Once logged in:


      When accessing a QlikView Document (.qvw)



      The purpose of this request is it we have some environments we want these qlik servers to “live” behind and get routed to based off of traffic rules that are in place, these rules require a ‘static’ url / string in the URL that exists so the traffic can be forwarded to the correct Qlik servers consistently.


      Is the above request possible to do? I attempted some changes with IIS however with no success, I was hoping maybe the QlikView Web Server had some type of functionality or configuration file to add an extra string to.


      Thanks for any assistance with this!