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    Average Set Analysis

    Phil Speight

      Each row of data includes appointment data, Patiend data, Reason Data.


      Can anyone tell me how I can work out the average appointments per patient only for reason1.




      Appt              Patient              Reason

      Appt1              Pat1                 Reason1

      Appt2              Pat2                 Reason2

      Appt3              Pat2                 Reason1

      Appt4              Pat1                 Reason2

      Appt5              Pat1                 Reason1



      I need Set Analysis to show Reason1 only ......


      Avg appointments per patient (by patient)


      Pat1 = 2 Appts

      Pat2 = 1 Appt



      The figure I need to show in the dashboard is for 'Reason 1' only and should be shown as below (not broken down by patient):


      Overall Avg = 1.5 Appts per patient



      Any help appreciated.