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    One user in an AD Role cannot access a QVW document

    Phillip Putzback

      I created two AD roles, A QV - KPA - RESOURCES role to encapsulate other AD Roles and a QV - KPA - Users role for one offs. I have the Users roles as a child of the RESOURCES and all of the users but one can get to the report.


      To publish the report I went to Documents>Source Documents > Select KPA task. Then on Distribute > Manually > Distribute to folder I have my path set to: D:\QlikView\Core\_Publish

      I chose Named users as the User type and added My Teams AD role and the QV - KPA - Resources role.


      But for some odd reason one user cannot see the report. He only see the default Golf Quest, Movies... This is all new to me and we just started implementing QV about a month ago.