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    Two Calender Selections

    Muthu Kumar



      I have a requirement wherein I have to create two list box containing the calender month.

      If you select a particular month in one lisbox the same should  not appear in the other one without using alternate states.


      Please suggest some ideas.


      Thanks in advance

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          Manish Kachhia

          Could you please provide some more information about your requirements?

          Explanation with some sample data would help to understand and answer...

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            Friedrich Hofmann

            Hi Muthu,


            that sounds like you need two separate calendars - but even then as soon as they are directly or indirectly linked, any selection in the one would affect the other.

            I'm afraid there is no way except alternate_states.

            But Manish is right - if you could provide some more details about what you want to achieve at the end, then we might be able to think of something.

            Best regards,