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    Reinstalling a Qlikview Server

      Hi ,


      I have a normal installation of Qlikview server on one of the servers and i want to reisntall the server . Can anyone please help me with this i want to retain the original settings after re installation?



      Regards ,

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          Rajesh Vaswani

          Hi Tushar,


          You need to backup the QVPR files and the Settings file.



          Rajesh Vaswani

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            Peter Cammaert
            • Shut down the QlikView Services.
            • Make a backup copy of C:\ProgramData\QlikTech (may take a while)
            • Make a backup copy of your Document root (including all mount points)
            • Reinstall your server
            • Reinstall QlikView in the same location as before.
            • Replace the contents of C:\ProgramData\QlikTech with the backup copy (can take a while)
            • Restore your Document root and all mount points
            • Restart QlikView services


            As an additional safeguard, check the NTFS rights in the QlikTech folder before removing it. Or restore the folder as your service account.


            Also, do not forget to reinstall/recreate all data channels (ODBC, OLEDB, custom connectors etc.), shared folders, custom data files etc.



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              Nina Crescini

              We are going to reformat our drive C which contains our Qlikview Window Server 2012 r2.

              Hence, we will reinstall QlikView. Will our CALs be lost?


              Please I need your help, I'm just new in Qlikview.

              We are still configuring if we can reformat our drive C and just reinstall Qlikview.
              Will our CALs be deleted or can it be reused for the same files/ docs?

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                  Peter Cammaert

                  Onno already replied to you in the Personal Edition FAQ area (please don't post the same question twice, we can all see and read the first one in the global overview). In the Qlik database, your license code refers to a registration of CALs, nodes, expiry dates and all other stuff that you bought from them. As long as you keep your license code and the control number, you'll be able to reactivate your QlikView installation.


                  There is however another way to read your question: "what happens to my CAL assignments. Are they lost as well when I reformat my Windows server?" The answer is Yes. If you forget to make a backup of the files and locations mentioned above, you will have to do the license assignment all over again. And that's nothing to worry about if you only got -say- 10 CALs. But it will get tiresome if we're talking about 100s of CALs.

                  If you want to keep your CAL assignments (and the user accounts), make sure you backup a file called "CalData.pgo". It usually resides in 2 places: the Document Root folder and C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer.