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    Data reduction/omit combination?

      I have a table of data, with one sensitive column ,where some users must not see those values where their department does not match, but i do NOT want the entire row hidden.


      For example

      Employee A works in Finance

      Employee B works in HR


      My table consist of 4 columns.

      ClientName, EmailAddress, Department, SensitiveNotes


      where Department is either HR or Finance


      Therefore I need both employees to ALWAYS to be able to see the data in the first 3 columns. BUT i only want them to be able to see SensitiveNotes where their departments match.


      It seems the OMIT function removes the entire column from view, which is not what I want.

      Using a Reduction field removes the entire row from view, which again is not what I want.


      So i sort of need a combination of these two functions.


      Please help!

        • Re: Data reduction/omit combination?

          I assume in your DB where SensitiveNotes are, the employees Department is also present. This means, when you set a trigger on opening a document, you can achieve what you want. Yust create a table that is connected to the others, where you store Department, EmployeeID (or the key you use to identify users) and SensitiveNotes. Put a trigger on opening document with EmployeeId. With the associated table they will see information regarding their department.

          Hope it helped!