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    WildMatch function with IN Clause

    Kash Jani



      Has anyone come across a IN clause or equivalent to match a list of words against a column in a qlikview table?


      I have a list of characters that I need to find in a string and rather than hard-coding it in the qlikview script load, I was wondering if somehow I could validate the script against a previous loaded qlikview table.


      In below example, all C1,C2,C3....C15 will go in to the table.





      If (WildMatch(Column1,'* C1 *', '* C2 *', '* C3 *', '* C4 *', '* C5 *', '* C6 *','* C7 *','* C8 *','* C9 *','* C10 *','* C11 *','* C12 *','* C13 *','* C14 *','* C15 *'),'Y','N') AS Column1,


      Thanks for your help.