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    How to set loader path into variable path?

    Venkatesh Gangala

      Hi Experts,


      I need to set my local path into variable path.


      "system local path ---> E:\QVStorage\9_Shared\1_DEV\SourceDocs\01_SPGTBW\0200_QvdGenerator\0300_EC_Enterprise Controlling\300_EC_Transactions"

      How to set this local path into variable path?

      can any one help on this issue? ASAP.



      Venkatesh .

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          Friedrich Hofmann



          you mean you need the URL notation for this path? That usually begins with \\ to address the server.

          I found this by right-clicking on the drive (in the Explorer, on the highest "computer" level where they are all listed), then clicking on "properties" and looking at the "DFS" tab - I don't really know what that is, but there the relative path was listed.

          Otherwise, ask your IT.


          Best regards,