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    Problem - Need an advise here....



      We have 2 tables:


      1) Table 1 contains the column "Distance" and column "MeterID"  , There are 1700 MeterID and the distance is in intervals 0-0.5Miles, 0.5-1Miles, etc...

      2) Table 2 contains the column "UnitID" which is same as "MeterID" (only different name) and column which name is "RSSI".


      I created graph that lists the no. of MeterID's (y axis) in each distance interval , i.e 0-0.5 Mile - 30 Meters, 1-1.5 Miles 20 Meters etc

      (this is based only on table 1)




      To Create another column name "RSSI" (from the second table) according to the distances intervals (from the first table)