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    Where to find End User License pricing info and tips on which one is best for starting development

      I was asked by my boss to "find out how much an additional development license for QlikView would cost "

      Being a complete noob to Qlik already finding license and pricing information turned out to be difficult, hope anybody can jump in and help.


      What I know:

      There is already another department within our organisation that uses QlickView and they indicated "for consuming, the access is free, for customizing/development a license is required". I'm assuming they have deployed QlikView EE Server.


      What I'd like to learn:

      1) Which kind of Named User Client Access License would we need to jump on board and start creating our own dashboard(s)?

           Do we need an Analyzer <> Professional <> Developer End User License ? (Or is this outdated info and doesn't these exist anymore?)

      2) And where can I find pricing information on these ?

          (All old discussions seem to point to http://www.qlik.com/us/explore/pricing and that link redirects me to the QLIK homepage..)


      Thanks folks !