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    Expression limit

      Dear all,


      im asking for help.

      I have one dimension (costumer) and 2 expressions, where i calculate some parcial sales(goods,prints)...then i have final expression TOTAL SALES, where i sum these parcial sales (expression: "Goods"+"Prints").


      Straight table returns me all TOTAL SALES of costumers. But i need to limit results - i need only costumers with total sales greather than XX usd.


      My trying wasnt succesful.


      Thanks a lot



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          Alessandro Saccone

          Write in the total expression:

          If(Sum(Goods)+Sum(Prints) > xxx, Sum(Goods)+Sum(Prints), 0)


          in the other two:

          If(Sum(Goods)+Sum(Prints) > xxx, Sum(Goods), 0)




          If(Sum(Goods)+Sum(Prints) > xxx, Sum(Prints), 0)


          Now check the box suppress zero value and ...


          let me know

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            neetha P



            Try below code in expression:



            sum( {$ <Customers={"=sum(Sales)>100000"} >} Sales)







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                Hi Neetha,


                thanks, i tried your way for very easy formula and it works :-)


                But i´d like to ask you for advice - for formulas im using variables and i need to know how use variable in this case.

                Here check my expression,where i kept trying insert my variables - one for sales and one for costumer type limit. These variables are correct, but i dont know how to use them in your formula.


                sum( {$ <[Costumer]={"=sum($(eGoodSales($(vB2Bchannel))))>100000"} >} $(eGoodSales($(vB2BChannel))))


                Thanks a lot, i´l give you point ;-)


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                    neetha P



                    Please Can you be more specific about these variables.


                    if my guess is right try:


                    sum( {$ <Customers={"=sum($(veGoodSales))>{$(vB2Bchannel)}"} >} $(veGoodSales))



                    sum( {$ <Customers={"=sum($(veGoodSales))>{$(=vB2Bchannel)}"} >} $(veGoodSales))




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                        Ok,i should know, that B2B isn´t value limit...i added my two variables, first calculates sales and second defines type of costumer pricelist...and now i need to integrate them to your formula :-) thx







                        variable eGoods ===>      Num(Sum({$}{<[category]={'sale'}[totalSales]),'# ##0')






                        variable B2B ===>            Pricelist={[PARTNER 1];[PARTNER 2];[PARTNER 3];[PARTNER 4];[PARTNER 1A];[PARTNER 1B]}