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    Formula guidebook or help

      Hi all,

      I am a bit new to Qlikview, however I try to make nice reports. Does anybody have a link where I can find explanations about the formulas?

      Such as this one?

      count(distinct{$<[Fiscal Year] = {2011}, [Partner Geo] = {'AMER'}, [Program Name] = {'ACE'}, [First-in]= {1}, DateFlag = {'Submitted'}>}if((agg(sum([Sold Value SRP]),[Opportunity ID])>50000),[Opportunity ID])

      I am trying to understand these, but I am not succeeding, therefor my own formulas don't work.

      Right now I am trying to get the number of unique customers [ID_RELATIE], that have as [KLANTGROEP] the value 'Strategic Account'

      Should be an easy formula, but I don't get the proper number.