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    Highlighting single value AND current selections in chart?

      Hi all - this is continuing from a different discussion I started yesterday.  I have a mekko chart where I would like to have one specific value in a field ("Prime") colored light grey, and all current selections highlighted in green.  Everything else can default to the standard color scheme.  Right now, I can get the specific value ("Alpha") highlighted by editing the background color with the following:




      That works just fine.  Similarly, I can highlight single selections within Prime if I use the following in background color:




      If I make more than one selection within Prime, then it doesn't work.  The biggest problem comes when I try to combine the two - I lose the functionality of both.  I have tried;


      =IF(Prime=GetFieldSelections(Prime),Green()) and IF([Prime]='Alpha',RGB(242,242,242))

      =IF(Prime=GetFieldSelections(Prime),Green()) or IF([Prime]='Alpha',RGB(242,242,242))


      Either nothing works, or 'Alpha' gets colored white and none of the selections show up in the right color.


      How can I combine or change the equations such that "Alpha" always remains light grey (or green when selected - either works), and any and all selections in "Prime" are colored green?