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    Exploding memory usage AFTER reload

    Rory Webber



      I have a relatively simple qvw I've been developing. I developed a few applications previously, and haven't encountered this issue before.


      I'm using 64-bit, 11.2 SR9 Desktop.


      I reload my file, and this successfully completes. After manual reload, Windows Task Manager shows QV memory usage sitting at around 700MB. However, after I click 'Close' on the reload dialog, memory usage climbs to approx 5GB (99% Physical Memory) and just sits there. I have to reset my dev machine.


      The internal model is simple, no synthetic keys or circular references, and only consists of a few tables:


      qvw model.jpg


      In terms of rows (this is the reload dialog after a successful reload before I hit 'close'):


      qvw dialog.jpg


      Press 'Close' and boom. Within seconds my system is un-usable.


      Anyone else come across this?