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    Sum a range of billable time between 2 dates in expression

    Cory Griffiths

      I have a table of billable entries. They have a date field of when the activity happened and I have that loaded in the script with a date format of 'mm/dd/yy'. There can be one or many records on each day that I need this table to sum for me according to each claimant. For each claimant, there is one record and is has a Claim Date.


      What I am trying to do with this table is break apart some of the billing listing into date periods.

      First period: Claim Date + 4 days

      Second period : Claim Date+5 through Claim Date+34

      , etc. as to have sort of billing periods or time.


      Here is my expression and it appears and reads correct to me, but I get zeros in my column unless I have the Activity Listing Date = Claim Date. But that is not letting me do what I want. What I am missing? Or what I am doing wrong as to be able to grab all records between 2 set date in an expression.



      =Sum({$<[Activity Listing Date]={">=[Claim Date]<([Claim Date] + 4)"}>}[Activity Listing Log Time])



      Add note" each of those periods will be in a different expression column.


      Thank for any help