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    Help with Document Admin Set up

    Randi Borys



      I got one of my document admind working fine using the instructions I found here:



      The problem is my new doc admin needs access to source and published files that already exist, and maybe structure wans't defined in the best way. This is what the Source path looks like




      These reports are publsihed directly into the Access Point folder.


      When I go to set up my Source Path it creates a duplicate set(without tasks), since the AccessPointSource is already defined in the Source Folder paths.


      I am having a hard time explaining the issue to anyone here. Can someone advise me on the best next steps. Should I delete this new Source Path I created under Setup>Distribution Services>ServerName>General?

      So Recap:







      I do not want to make this user doc admin for everything on the server.


      Any help is appreciated.

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          Peter Cammaert

          Why does your Doc Admin need access to Source and Published folders? If tasks are properly defined, nobody really needs access to the Published documents folder. Only QVS does.


          Usually, you put different documents under control of different groups of doc admins in different folders in different trees, e.g. C:\docs\A and C:\docs\B, NOT C:\docs\A and C:\docs\A\A2. If this isn't already the cause of your problems, please specify what your current Source Folder Paths are, and what your are trying to define as a separate source folder for your new doc admin (and that is causing the duplicates to appear). Or post screenshots of QMC->System->Setup->Distribution Services->General and QMC->System->Setup->QlikView Servers->Folders.