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    How to check if multiple QVD's exists

    Bart Heijne

      Hi all,


      I have a question and I hope someone can help.


      Within a map I can have 0, 1, or multiple files with a name ending with 'projectactuals', so 123_projectactuals.qvd, 456_projectactuals, etc. Within a model-qvd I want to load these QVD's BUT ONLY IF THEY EXIST.

      This means LOAD 'D:\DATA\*_projectactuals.qvd' will return an error when the file does not exist.So I want to check if files ending with 'projectactuals' exist.


      When I use the following statement it works fine:


      LET vListQVDExistsProjectactuals = NOT isnull(QVDCreateTime('D:\Data\123_Projectactuals.qvd'));
      IF $(vListQVDExistsProjectactuals) THEN LOAD...


      However there can multiple files all ending with 'projectactuals' and the prefix '123' is random.


      I have tried  LET vListQVDExistsProjectactuals = NOT isnull(QVDCreateTime('D:\Data\*_Projectactuals.qvd'));

      but that doesn't work as the variable probably wants to have 1 unique file name and the * (star) is within the quotes, so this doesn't work.


      Please help.