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    How do I insert a line break into a load script

    David Edwards

      Hi All,

      I'm sure this is really obvious question but i've tried every version of break syntax I know.

      I have a very long calculation to calculate field and I would like to break it across several lines for easy reading but I get a syntax error if I do that.



      ([Row Number]<=13,null(),rangemax( peek('High',-1) , peek('High',-2), peek('High',-3), peek('High',-4),peek('High',-5), peek('High',-6),peek('High',-7),peek('High',-8),peek('High',-9),peek('High',-10),peek('High',-11),peek('High',-12),peek('High',-13) )) as [Highest High(14)]


      An alternative would be something that does the same work as the chart function "above"