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    Restrict Partial Sums

      Hi All,

      I have a pivot table for which i used partial sums.

      The end result is something like this;

      error loading image

      I need the total that is circled in black, however i need to remove the totals circled in pink, I have treid dimensionality but all it does is remove all the three totals.

      Can anyone please help me with this?

      PS. I cannot share the file since i pull data from a local server.


        • Restrict Partial Sums
          Deepak Kurup


          I am not sure if we can achieve this using a Pivot table. But we can achieve the above requirement using Straight Table.

          In a staright table we can mention No total in the expression tab for a particluar expression.


          I hope this helps you.

          • Restrict Partial Sums


            I posted the question again and found this solution.

            We can use the dimensionality() function with an IF (Group='GCC') statement for Group.

            This would exclude all Totals except those corresponding to GCC.

            It would look something like this,


















            Limit ) )