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    EPIC In HealthCare

    sujeet Singh

      Hello All,


      Marry Christmas!!


      I want to know about EPIC EMR. How can we integrate EPIC EMP records in our dashboard.

      Do we need to purchase some API or connector from EPIC to do so. Please provide a basic structure details we need to incorporate in our Qlik application to enable user to access EPIC EMP records and details in the dashboard.




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          sujeet Singh

          Inviting the expert and solution architect of QLIK and EPIC partnership.

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            Joe Warbington

            Hi Sujeet,


            QlikView works with Epic on many levels and there is nothing additional that you need to purchase.

            • You can pull in data from Clarity, from the Cogito Data Warehouse, from Chronicles, and through web services. Often organizations will combine data from these sources and external sources to get the whole picture. Ex. Want to get more details from an app built on the CDW? Pull data from Clarity and have a hybrid application.
            • You can display QlikView within Hyperspace through shared home workspaces or through Radar.
              • You can link out to QlikView Access Point
              • You can link out to individual applications
              • You can natively display QlikView visualizations (objects, full sheets, or full apps) directly in Radar. All HTML5 based and no plugins or viewers needed. Works with Citrix.
            • When QlikView is displayed within Hyperspace, you can have actionable links that do things like open up a patient's chart from their MRN or launch Account Review from a HAR. Many activities within Epic are available to be launched from your QlikView analysis. This to me is key - it takes your discoveries to new levels by letting you immediately act on the results.


            Lots of possibilities and many organizations with Epic and QlikView are launching projects with these capabilities in place.


            If you'd like to see a demo, please reach out and I'd be glad to provide you with more details.



            Joe Warbington

            Qlik Healthcare Solutions Architect

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                sujeet Singh

                Thanks for this awesome explaining  JOE!!!


                How i can connect to Clarity? Do i need to purchase some account from EPIC?

                How to embed the hyperlink in an existing application?

                Let there be a Clinical dashboard and now i want to browse the EPIC EMP details based on the MRN or PatientID.

                Then what hyperlink i need to quote in my application?


                It will be very helpful if you can post a sample application just to explain "How to implement actionable links that do things like open up a patient's chart from their MRN or launch Account Review from a HAR "