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    for Google map Extension



      How can we create google map extensions in qlikview. please explain steb by step



      Thank you

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          Christian Eckler



          since no one answered you till today i assume you still need a solution. There are many ways to accomplish this mission but finally it is all about your requirements.


          A very versatile solution is NPGeoMap.


          Download NPGeoMap and watch this video then you will have Google maps or any other map provider (Tile server) in a view minutes inside your QlikView document


          Greetings Christian


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              Thank you Christian Eckler


              could you please share  where we have to use set analasys and  give some examples

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                  Christian Eckler

                  See the attached sample wich contains a choropleth map showing the US population.


                  If you would like to create this sample yourself then proceed as follows:


                  1. You need to load a polygon Dimension and a value (in our case the US States and populations) in the attached sample it is done by an inline load.
                  2. Add a new NPGeoMap Object - If you need help how to add one, just watch this video tutorial :
                  3. Right Click on the new Object and click on "Properties"
                  4. Set the maptype to your favorite map provider (OSM, Google Maps, Bing,...) or leave the default value (White Background)
                  5. Set the Polygon Dimension to: "State"
                  6. basic_settings_prop.jpg
                  7. Switch to the dynamic map layer tab and set the map filename to "US_1.NPGM"
                  8. map_settings_prop.jpg
                    Open the Dynamic Map Layer Polygon Expression Dialog, here you can use any QlikView Expression including Set Analysis. You can even use QlikView variables in order to set the map layout like: Color, Popups and many, many more. See the description inside the dialog for detailed informations.
                  9. In the attached sample we use Colormix, Aggr and Rank to create a choropleth coloring for each State.



                  Have fun creating cool apps

                  Greetings Christian