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    Calculations in Script

      I have done some statistical calcualtions on the dashboard as shown in the following two tables. However this is only a small portion of the original data and hence I get timely results. I want to replicate these calculations in the script and maybe create variables which can be called on the dashboard when the data size is large.

      These are the four statistical measures that have been calculated:


      Mean Absolute Deviation

      Avg(Aggr(Fabs(Sum(Unit) - Avg(Total <Contract  Unit)), Month, Contract )                                        


      Co-Efficent of Variation

      (Stdev(aggr(sum(Unit),Month,Contract)))/(aggr(avg(total Unit),Account))


      Std Deviation





      For each Contract these statistics have been calculated as follows:

      The moving average is used where for each subsequent month the average of all previous data is used to calculate the average and then the deviation.

      If there is a way to do these calculations in the script, please let me know! Thanks!