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    Where can I get qv and qva reference?

    Zhou Dz



      I am learning qlikview 11 extension development. And I find some qar files in the community. After I unziped qar I get js file, in the js file I notice that there are some qv and qva class.

      I have download the Qlikview javascript ajax libarary. There are only qv classes in the library. But in the example I there are many qva classes. I am confused about qv and qva class. My question is:

      1. Where can I get more reference about js library.

      2. What is the difference about qv and qva ? Any qva reference available?

      3. I want to develp some extension of qv11. Is there any guide or document can help me  getting started...


      Thanks a lot.




      From Beijing China.