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    Load script failing through task in QMC

      We have been loading from SQL Server 2012, successfully for several months (running QMC publisher tasks), using  ODBC 64 bit, running on Qlikview v11.2 SR4.  Recently we configured a SQL Server cluster, and since then our data loads fail about 50% of the time when running the data load from QMC publisher tasks.  We always get the same “ODBC read error”, but at random SQL Selects within the script, during the loading of several,  2 million to 4 million row fact tables.  If we run the load manually (execute the qvw script through Qlikview desktop), it works.  So there seems to be something different between executing the same qvw load script through a QMC task versus running the qvw manually.  Not sure why. We have downloaded the latest Microsoft drivers for ODBC and OLEDB to the server running the scripts.  ODBC seems to fail less frequently than OLEDB.   We are hesitant to just upgrade to the latest QV 11 SR release until we know what is causing the problem. 


      Anyone have any suggestions?

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          Nate Hallquist

          I always start by double checking the authorizations of the acount that is used to run QV, and then also the account that is used to gain access to the SQL database.  Make sure that those accounts have the needed permissions to eery possible location, database and folder structure.  If this is a multi server cluster, double check the newly clustered servers too.


          I find that when this type of scenario happens, it usually revolves around permisions.  It isn't always the case, but more times han not, this is where I find my issues.


          Good luck,



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              Not sure I understand.   The ODBC connection string to SQL Server is embedded inside the document (qvw).  So, whether the document is loaded manually from running qlikview desktop (on the windows 2008 box running qlikview server), or loaded from a publisher task (on the same server), the same SQL connection information is used.  We are not running windows authentication for sql server.  We use a login / password, etc. to connection to SQL.


              Can you elaborate why the account running qlikview publisher plays a role in the SQL connection?

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              Peter Cammaert

              Timeouts? In theory, qvb.exe is just the script engine from your desktop that executes your script under QMC task control. If it ain't accounts or privileges (the main cause of problems when moving an otherwise perfectly executing document from desktop to server), then it must be some connection/communication issue...


              Can you enable logging in SQL server, just to be sure that it isn't something your cluster decides, whether QlikView likes it or not? I'm not a SQL Server specialist, better ask your SQL server admin for a bit of assistance to monitor what is happening on that side....





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                Nate Hallquist

                The service account that is running the QlikView server, is sometimes different than the SQL account used to get data from the database.  I would go through your clustering environment and compare the servers/instances to see if the accounts on the original server have the same permissions and privileges as the added server/instance.  As Peter stated, you DBA would be a good place to get some help.