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    11 .xls files into qlik sense - is there a good way?



      I want to import 11 .xls files into sense in a smart way.


      Using a load with a  for...next to do this preceeded by a mapping that I created to map up specific transactions.


      Question 1:

      Is this a smart way to solve the problem or is there another more smooth way? Am I missing any details in my code, I suspect there is something wrong with my for...next?


      Question 2:

      Why is table 2 used to get any content in qlik and not table 1? I do not understand that (I have attached an example) when the file only have one table?



      for a=201410 to 201411




            @1 as Bokföringsdatum,

            @2 as Transaktionsdatum,

            @3 as Enskild_Transaktion,

            @4 as Belopp,

            @5 as Behållning,

            ApplyMap('mapping_transaktionstyp',@3,'Ej Mappat') as Transaktionstyp, //använder mappning

            ApplyMap('mapping_transaktion',@3,'Ej Träff') as Transaktion

            FROM [lib://Lönekonto TPL/file$(a).xls]

            (html, codepage is 1252, no labels, table is @2)

            Where RecNo()>=3; //bestämmer vilken rad man börjar läsa in på