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    RAM requirements for a document

    Rob Wunderlich

      jschrader asked:

      "I was wondering if you could explain how to calculate the actual RAM impact that we talked about at the conference? Thanks!".


      Three ways I know of to calculate the RAM requirements for a document.


      1. Save the Document uncompressed (Document Properties, General, Save Format). In this case, disk size - RAM requirement. See http://qlikviewcookbook.com/2011/03/document-compression/


      2. Create a .mem file from the qvw ((Document Properties, General, Memory Statistics). Load the .mem file for analysis using your own script or the QvOptimizer.qvw.


      3. Use Document Analyzer http://qlikviewcookbook.com/recipes/download-info/document-analyzer/ -- to get the data for a single document.


      There is a bit more RAM required for each user as each user will maintain their own state.


      My recollection was that you wanted to do it in batch for all docs. You could implement that with a VBScript that opened each document in turn and then called Document.SaveMemoryStatistics.