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    Qliksense Working Capacity

    farhan qadri

      Dear Folks,


      Consider a scenario where the Qlik sense developer is sitting in another country and client is sitting in another country. The client will

      purchase all licenses and  have the server.


      please answer my questions below for Qlik sense:


      1.Does the developer sitting overseas need a license to work at Qliksense desktop and to deploy at cloud.  or is there any solution like      developer directly work at cloud browser with full functionalities.

      2. Can previously created qlikview file be converted into qliksense and can be deployed at cloud

      3. can any one sitting outside the client network view online analysis deployed at cloud. if not what will be cost for it to view the analysis.

      4. Does Qliksense have the same working capability like Qlikview.

      5. What is the cost for qliksense server cloud and qliksense developer.




        • Re: Qliksense Working Capacity
          Josh Good

          Hi Farhan,


          For clarity Qlik Cloud is a separate product currently in beta.  I believe when you say cloud in you question you are referring to a Qlik Sense instance access via a browser.  Here are the answers to your questions:


          1.  Qlik Sense is fully online so the developer would access Qlik Sense via a browser and connect to the server.  It would be technically possible for the developer to use Qlik Sense Desktop however Qlik Sense Desktop is intended for personal use not as a development environment for the full Qlik Sense product thus it wouldn't be a smooth workflow.


          2. Yes QlikView apps (QVWs) can be converted to Qlik Sense apps (QVFs).  The load script and the data model will convert over instantly.  Since the two products have very different interfaces and purposes the visulzaitons do not convert over.  You may which to review Qlik Sense Desktop - Converting a QlikView Data Model (video)


          3.  Yes external users could access Qlik Sense if this is desired (it can also be prevented if this is the desired behaviour).  Any users access Qlik Sense will need to be licensed.  The licensing is based on consumption or amount of usage not type of usage (it is not a 'viewer', 'power users' etc. licensing model).  Our sales team can help you understand the cost once they understand the usage behaviour.


          4. Qlik Sense and QlikView are similar in some respects but very different in other respects.  So no they don't do exactly the same thing but there is overlap.


          5.  Our sales team can assist you with pricing.  Would you like me to have someone contact you?


          I hope you found this helpful.