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    Filtering Dimensions with a formula

      Hi everyone,


      I am new to QlikSense and I have a rather basic question: I try to set up a table which has only two rows:


      - FinancialAccounts (drill down dimension with 3 levels)

      - Values (measure: sum() )


      Now what I try to do is to "pre-filter" the dimension "Financial Account" in the respective formula, so that only the Accounts are shown, which have the ID = 11. This concerns only the first level of the drilldown.


      I know there is the possibility to filter the values in the measure with:  sum({$<FinancialAccountsID={"11"}>}Values)


      But then the table does not show anymore the first level of the drilldown - it only shows the second level!


      I tried the following (formula in the dimension), which did not work: if(FinancialAccountsID={"11"},FinancialAccountsID,null())


      I hope you guys can help me!